"Each Day in Every Way, I am Getting Better and Better"
These were the words written on a little sheet of paper by my mom and taped to our family medicine cabinet over thirty five years ago. It was her mantra, way before the new age and for some reason, those words have been going through my head every day.
I am getting better and better every day, that is for sure. Chemo is behind me and radiation is ahead. To my joy, I even discovered a downy peach fuzz on my head the other day.
I am going to see my mom tomorrow. They told her this week her tumor is inoperable and that the only alternative is chemo. She doesn’t want that and I wouldn’t blame her at this stage of the game. She is slipping away quickly, I can feel it. I need to touch her, to tell her how much I love her and what a good mother she has been to me.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Better…

  1. Stark says:

    Sorry to hear about your mom and glad you are in recovery! Just came from seeing your site for the first
    time and wanted to thank you for the inspiration. Especially love your innovative books.


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