Flowers and Angels

I am amazed at how lately, my cancer has helped facilitate healing in different parts of my life and sometimes in the life of others. My relationships have become more focused and I have reconnected with loved ones I thought I had lost. My life before cancer was too busy for those kinds of things I guess.
Late yesterday afternoon I was directed by my oncologist to check into the ER immediately for some tests. I wasn’t feeling very good all day and I called her office to see if I could make an appointment for the next day, but I was told by the nurse to come to the hospital right away and have someone else drive me.
My husband was at work and wasn’t expected home for another hour or two and I wasn’t clear headed enough to call friends close by, so I picked up my keys, left my purse in the house and got into the drivers seat of my car, not really knowing what I would do next.
Then I saw a young man I hadn’t seen in many months walking towards my house with an armful of flowers. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was as if an angel had swooped down to take me to safety and he was in the form of my daughters old boyfriend, who I had come to love like a son. He had just heard the news of my journey and wanted to come see me right away.
In the ER waiting room, we had time to chat about broken hearts, healing and moving on, about life in general and about family and friends. By the time they were ready to take me in for tests, there was a sense comfort, peace and closure.
The CT scan showed no signs of infection or cancer and my blood tests looked good enough that I will be able to skip them when I have chemo next week. I really do believe now, that things happen for a reason.

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2 Responses to Flowers and Angels

  1. Sharon Fitzgerald says:

    I listened to our local radio station on the way home from work tonight and the MC and his guest were discussing our local Breast Cancer Thrivers group. He commented that when his wife had cancer 11 years ago, they learned two very important lessons. #1, Don’t sweat the small stuff, and #2, Most of it’s the small stuff. How true. Glad eerything turned out OK and you got the chance to renew some close ties!


  2. Linderella says:

    Sitting in the quiet of my rubber room,
    listening to David Arkenstone, my mind wandered
    and I thought of you. I hope you know what an
    affect you have on those around you and how much
    we think of you, even if we don’t see you often enough.
    Planned what jammies you will wear to the
    Great Yosemite Stamp Escape 2005 pajama party???
    It’s right around the corner and we can’t
    wait to see you. Angels be with you,
    today and always.


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