Half Way Done!

chemobagToday, I finished chemo number 4, the A/C combo. I am glad that this is the half way point in what I think is the hardest part of the treatment so, I feel like I have accomplished something.
My blood tests look really good. No signs of infection, good red and white blood cell counts and no signs of cancer!
This evening, I feel extremely relaxed and at peace. Thank God for Ativan!
I don’t start Taxol for another three weeks, then I will recieve a four hour infusion (yes four hours!) every two weeks three more times. I will be finished with the chemo phase by mid October then looking forward to six weeks of radiation. I hear it is tedious but not nearly as hard as this has been.
The good news is that by Christmas, I will be at the end of this journey, an unexpected and amazing fork in the road, or, should I say lump in the road.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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2 Responses to Half Way Done!

  1. Kathy from NC says:

    Every couple of days I check to see how things are going, and I continue to be amazed at your resilience. You’re the poster child for inner strength. Peace to you!


  2. Deborah Gervais says:

    Congratualtions for finishing AC! It was awful……..We met in the breast cancer chat room and I come to your site for good stories and laughs!
    I am finishing my last chemo (4 AC evey other week x 8 wks, Taxotere 12 weekly) next Friday and then I have surgery Oct 4th, with radiation TF.
    You go girl!
    I love your site, you are so creative.


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