My Friend Furby

I wore my wig “Furby” to work on Thursday and got rave reviews. Everyone at the office said it looked natural and even better than my real hair.
The next day, I wore a sage green velvet turban with a big red flower pin attached to the side to go with my outfit. I felt like I was wearing a costume, but I was confident I looked good until my boss came down from his office and asked me if I was going to tell him his fortune. I started to laugh hysterically as did everyone else near me. It was a funny picture of me sitting behind a desk with both hands on the table wearing my creative head cover. I told him that I am a woman of many looks, in fact I could look like Mr. Clean in a matter of seconds!
My collection of scarves and hats is growing and I am still working on the “look” that will be the most comfortable for me but I know that my friend Furby the wig will come in handy when I want to look like me.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to My Friend Furby

  1. Jann says:

    Karen, Had to laugh at your turban stories. My sister lost her hair and when she would go for treatment or to the doctor she would wear a CLOWN wig. Really out of the box for her. For some reason she felt more comfortable and it gave her a chuckle to see the reactions. Hope you are feeling well.


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