First Chemo done!

I sat in a nice green lounge chair and put my feet up while the IV was inserted. There were two other women getting chemo in the room who were very open about their disease and talking to them helped to distract me from what was going on. My daughter was in the room with me and her eyes got big when she saw the big red syringe filled with ice cold Adriomycin (the stuff that makes the hair fall out) being slowly injected by the nurse through the IV tube. To me it looked like a Cosmopolitin in a tube. When she was done, she put a bag filled with Saline and also the Cytoxin. They warned me I may have nose congestion or headache, but nothing happened there. It actually went very smoothly.
I am resting here at home feeling a slittle drowsy from the Ativan and Compazine but I think I will take advantage of that and sleep for a change. I know I will need it.
~Nighty night…..

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to First Chemo done!

  1. Linderella says:

    Sweet dreams Karen. We are all here for you
    and send our fondest wishes for a easy time of
    it. I know you are on the minds of many of us
    in Oakhurst and elsewhere. Just wanted you to


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