Yesterday, I went to the Cancer Center for a chemotherapy teaching which is routine for patients just about to undergo treatment. An hour an a half of information that at times seemed overwhelming and very scary. Good thing I was taking notes and was given booklets on everything that was explained by the nurse in charge. There was another patient in the room who looked like she about my age and I could see the sadness and fear in her eyes. I could totally relate but I also have a sense of hope and humor that I am not sure she had.
Tears kept falling from her eyes as she grasped the Kleenex box in the office while the nurse reviewed all the possible side effects, especially the hair loss that will certainly occur. Even though we were completely different in almost every way, we had found a deep bond almost instantly as we knew we were going to embark on a journey, very soon, together.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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