Life is Short, Eat Fondue!

A group of friends got together at La Fondue restaurant in Denver after a trade show and enjoyed breads, meats and veggies dipped in all kinds of yummy sauces and cheeses. Then, for dessert, we shared champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. At our table we played a little game throughout the evening. If you dropped your item in the pot, you would have to kiss the person on the cheek sitting your left.
I received a large box in the mail the day before my surgery from my friend Susan, who dined with us at La Fondue. It was cheerfully decorated with bright foam flowers and big colorful stickers. I loved what was written on the front of the package. “Friendship isn’t a big thing- it’s a million little things. Like fondue pots for instance…”
I photographed the box before I tore it open and inside was a beautiful stainless steel electric fondue pot! My daughter Sarah and I squealed with delight as we made a shopping list to get the items we would need for making a fondue dinner that night. Sarah was with us in Denver too, so it was even more special that she was with me when I received the gift.
I guess I can make a new quote now. “Life isn’t a big thing- it’s a million little things. Like friends for instance.”

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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