Today, I finally cried

I was doing fine until I woke up this morning with my left side swollen up like a Dolly Parton doll. It doesn’t really hurt but it made me realize for the first time that things aren’t going back to normal quite so soon. I am an impatient patient I guess. I want to jump up and do jumping jacks, but can’t just yet.
I escaped reality for a bit today by seeing the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow”. It was silly but I enjoyed watching it with the new squishy pillow I bought at Brookstone. I saw my friend Sally, who hadn’t seen me in a long time and she said I looked good with my new long hair.
When I got home, I found another beautiful flower arrangement on our doorstep and a few get well cards. One was from a friend who is in her second year battle with ovarian cancer. Her words touched me deeply and I cried for the first time. She told me that it would be a roller coaster ride of emotions and just to hang on. Okay, I am hanging on….

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Artist, author and teacher.
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4 Responses to Today, I finally cried

  1. Sharon Fitzgerald says:

    Crying is good….we all need a good cry now and then. I think everyone I talked to shed a few tears when we heard about your diagnosis so why shouldn’t you? It’s that Wonder Woman thing I guess. Well, now that we all feel better after our cry, WE can get on with YOUR life! Take each day of your recovery as it comes, and yes, there will be a few ups and downs but you WILL get past the not-so-great days. Tomorrow will be a better day.
    Hugs (not too tight), Sharon


  2. Kay Russell says:

    I cried with you and then rejoiced
    that you will be okay! I will see you back at the Pines Resort in Oakhurst next year.
    Your Student,
    Kay Russell


  3. Tutz says:

    Dear Karen, I’m one of your TV fans VIA Carol Duvall’s Show. We’re counting (praying) for a full and speedy recovery, you’ve too much talent to be wasted. Hang in there.


  4. Thanks for the support everyone. I am looking forward to a fun pajama crafting party in Yosemite next year!


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