More Tests

artsyI spent most of the afternoon at the doctor’s office. First, a routine mammogram. How am I going to get these little things into that thing! Several images were taken and I waited for preliminary results. I was able to pass the time by getting a massage. Now, that was a treat. I was completely relaxed. Nothing could bother me.
Then, the news came. I needed the ultrasound. Something is wrong. Oh crap. As she was gliding the device across my left upper breast she paused on several places and made little markers on the screen. One, in particular was worrisome. A mass hiding behind the left nipple. Sigh…..
After reviewing the tests, she scheduled an MRI and needle biopsy next week. Thank God I am going to Denver for a trade show. At least I will be thinking of other things.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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