Moving Mountains

A few days ago, Lauren decided to clean her room. Her good friend Dante came over to help her move the heavy furniture and brought some boxes to put her junk in.
They placed everything in the boxes and put them all around the house. God, she had a lot of stuff in that room.
It made me feel uneasy being in a house turned upside down and everything out of place. There was an obstacle in every direction and I wasn’t sure it would ever get straightened out. I have to admit, I am a card carrying clean freak and this was the ultimate test.
On Saturday, we decided to have a garage sale. Lauren made nice little signs the night before and we put them on posts around the neighborhood. Just after the first sign was up, a crowd of people had already arrived at the house. It was crazy. She made over a hundred dollars in just a few hours. We put what was left in the back of our truck and hauled it off to the Good Will later that afternoon. It is amazing how much junk we moved out and it still seems we have too much.
Today is Sunday and her room is looking really good.
I sat in the newly decorated room today after waxing the hardwood floors while she was hanging out with friends. It reminded me of my childhood days where I would spend the weekend giving my room a makover. I remember the feeling of peace and contentment being in an organized space. After all, it was the only thing I had control over in a world of chaos. Nothing has changed much here. The world is still chaotic and I am still a clean freak.

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