Road Trip

I have this urge to get in my car and drive somewhere. Anywhere, as long as it is away from here. I need a road trip. Not the typical drive I make every month to San Francisco, or work related travel which at times can be quite interesting and entertaining, but I want an adventure where there are no plans, no rules and no destination. I can imagine driving for hours in the middle of nowhere and come across a quaint but shabby little roadside town. It’s a bit run down but it has just about everything a traveler would need, a one pump gas station, a diner and curio shop all owned by an old man named Ben who can fix just about anything. This place has seen many travelers going somewhere or going nowhere, stopping just for a while to stretch the legs, get a snack, fill up the tank and get back in the car, just like me, on my road trip. Maybe Ben was one of us and decided that this little town was the place he wanted to be, not the place he was actually going. In any event, it is the place he ended up.

About Karen Elaine

Artist, author and teacher.
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One Response to Road Trip

  1. Sibyl says:

    you’re my kind of woman! I love your humor in “Pumping it Up” and “Plastic Surgery”. You should read some of the “Junie B. Jones” children’s books. I think you would get a kick out of them. I’m forty-two myself with that kind of sense of humor and a great love for paper and paper art thanks to the late Shereen LaPLantz. Looking forward to your DVD this summer.


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