Mornings are usually a big fat drag around the house. I am usually the first to get out of bed. I open my eyes and feel instantly positive about the day. I then make a quick mental list of what needs to be accomplished, sit up, turn my legs over to the side of the bed, slip my feet into waiting slippers and start moving into the day. First thing I do is, open my daughters bedroom door, cheerily poke my head in and tell her to get up. Miss sunshine groans “Yeah, in a minute.” It takes several attempts to get her out of the coma she’s apparently in. By the fifth time my voice isn’t so cheery and Miss Sunshine is in a crappy mood because she doesn’t like people telling her what to do. I always say, “If you did everything the way you are supposed to, I wouldn’t have to tell you!” Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…
So I go through the usual morning routine of making a hot pot of coffee, get dressed for the gym and nag at everyone to get their asses out of bed.
The single bathroom in the house becomes the hub of activity and tempers flair when someone takes too much time plucking her eyebrows, or lingering in the shower using up all the hot water, while another is jumping up and down at the door doing the potty dance. I can bet a dollar that it will be like this for many, many mornings to come. I have come to accept this as just one little irritation in my life which in the big picture, really isn’t all that bad.

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